Who We Help

Ecosystem builders come from a variety of backgrounds and expertise, including technologists, consultants, entrepreneurs, mayors, economic developers, grassroots community leaders, university leaders, academics, philanthropists, corporate leaders and media.

Ecosystems thrive when people and resources are connected and working together to develop new approaches and solutions.

The complex reality is that the capital and resources needed to bring that vision to life have not materialized help build up the future of technologist, consultants, corporate or university leaders, philanthropists, mayors or entrepreneurs.

Where BiCTech Comes In

We work to locate resources to push philanthropic efforts by:

  • Encouraging greater diversity and inclusion in the professional community by facilitating programs to connect minority consultants and technologist

  • Providing diverse recruiting pipelines to member organizations and offer mentoring by aligning consulting leaders and executives with mentees


Our Philanthropic Efforts

    Partnerships - Creating partnerships by helping others achieve their goals. Our partnerships seek to create collaborative impact in specific ways and encourage deep and intentional action in the community
  • BiCTech Workshops - Making a real, measurable impact by thinking through strategy, marketing and technical features with women, students and entrepreneurs
  • BiCTech Network Assistance - Encouraging greater diversity and inclusion in the professional consulting community by facilitating programs to connect minority consultants and drive economic vitality
  • Digital Media and Branding Event - Teaching students, women and entrepreneurs the art of digital media engagement, consumer targets, building a brand, then leveraging it to expand your business, increase your sales, and enhance your credibility and your bottom line all while networking
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship Workshop - Introducing students to entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, preparing them to enter college/workforce and to compete for globally competitive jobs at growing companies
  • Analytics and Design Thinking Workshop - Teaching students, women and entrepreneurs a solution-based approach to solving problems and how to obtain and derive impact from data.